19 Juli 2012

Owners of GM vehicles with OnStar will begin renting them out

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That's the latest pitch fromGeneral Motors Co., that on Tuesday was scheduled to team with atiny low San Francisco company to come out a nationwide program that may enable homeowners of GM vehicles equipped with the OnStar system to rent them out.
Under the venture, that was announced in October, subscribers to GM's OnStar service will list their vehicle for rent through a program operated by RelayRides. The owner provides the gas and sets the worth, that is predicted to average concerning $10 an hour. RelayRides can take a four-hundredth cut and supply a $1-million insurance policy for the owner and $300,000 for the renter.

RelayRides has been operating primarily in San Francisco and Boston for many years — while not GM's alliance — however has had bother attracting homeowners willing to rent out their cars.

OnStar provides RelayRides access to six million subscribers and doubtless nine million a lot of who have the system however do not pay the $18.99 monthly fee.

"Having access to millions and lots of cars ought to accelerate our growth," said Shelby Clark, RelayRides' founder, and can facilitate homeowners earn some further money and defray expenses.

Analysts say the program ought to facilitate GM differentiate OnStar from rival technologies that alternative automakers supply. OnStar provides subscribers access to services like navigation, vehicle diagnostics and automatic emergency notification within the event of a crash.

"Owning a automotive in an exceedingly metropolitan space like San Francisco or the big apple is pretty expensive. Urban customers can begin to embrace this, however it doesn't suggest that in 5 years individuals will not be using the rental automotive corporations or shopping for cars. it's very early," said Thilo Koslowski, an automotive analyst at analysis firmGartner Inc.

The so-called peer-to-peer rentals are a part of an economic trend called "collaborative consumption" that has rentals of evening robes and wedding dresses likewise as swaps of homes for vacations.

Clark said that cars, that once a home are usually a household's costliest asset, sit idle most of the time and might be place to raised use if they're shared.

Wheelz, another private-party automotive rental company, has centered on faculty campuses where students are conditioned to sharing such things as dorm rooms, bogs and library carrels.

"Students tend to be early adopters, and on a school campus each side of the marketplace exist in shut geography," said Aaron Platshon, head of promoting for Wheelz, conjointly with headquarters in San Francisco.

The company pitches automotive renting as some way for college students to form cash throughout the varsity year, when their vehicles sit idle for long periods and alternative students want transportation for errands, dates and alternative activities.

With RelayRides, prospective lenders pitch their vehicles on the company's web site, http://www.relayrides.com. several list their cars by their name and complete. Paul's Chevrolet may be a 2003 Corvette in l. a. that rents for $20 an hour, or $100 each day. conjointly obtainable in l. a. are Alley's Crucial Cube, a 2010 Nissan Cube, for $8 an hour, and also the Marshmallow, a white, 2006 Scion xA renting for $6 an hour.

Prospective renters search the company's web site longing for vehicles obtainable in their space. after they build the reservation, RelayRides uses OnStar's international positioning technology to transmit the precise location of the vehicle to the consumer. When the renter gets to the automotive, he or she uses a smartphone application or series of text messages to unlock the vehicle and realize a key hidden within. When he or she is completed, the renter returns the automotive to the situation and locks the key back within the vehicle.

Owners of vehicles that do not have the GM communications system will still rent out their cars, however they'll ought to meet their customers personally to exchange and retrieve keys.

California permits such rentals if the annual revenue received by the vehicle's owner doesn't exceed the yearly expenses of owning and operating it, as well as interest or lease payments and depreciation. Oregon and Washington have similar laws. RelayRides will operate nationally as a result of no state specifically prohibits the rental of personal vehicles, Clark said.